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Today Totally Makes Up for Yesterday

In author events, School Visits on April 29, 2010 at 8:03 pm

Every now and then you need to have a good today that can make up for a bad yesterday.

Yesterday was a baaaaad day. The worst part of it by far was that as I was driving down one of our busy main streets, my brakes gave out on me! Totally and completely, sending me skidding as if there was a sheet of ice under my tires. I’ll tell you it was the strangest experience: no snow, no ice, yet sliding right through a main intersection on a yellow-now-turned-red light. I’m just so thankful there was no one crossing out in front of me to sneak in a last minute left turn before the light turned red. I’m okay, but my car? Waah! 😦 Although in a case like this, better the car than me.

All that to say: Today totally makes up for yesterday.

I was invited to speak this morning at a neighbourhood public school. The gym was full of close to 200 eager grade 4-8 students. Being a teacher it’s in my nature to be very interactive, which is fine in a contained classroom of 20 or so students. And, being a teacher, I also know how easily kids can get distracted and become very silly, especially if you’re ASKING them to talk and interact. So I got a tad nervous when I saw the size of the crowd; all sitting on the floor, no less. But they were a fantastic bunch! Very responsive, very engaged. The librarian later told me that usually they see a slow and steady trickle of kids “having to go to the washroom” during such events, but no one left their spot the entire time! And, me being me, I went overtime to boot! So, like I said, they were a fantastic crowd of kids!

After the main presentation I visited the individual classrooms, as I sent them away with a character sketch assignment and I had a random draw prize for each class as well. I lol-ed as I was bombarded in each classroom by scraps of paper, arms, ball caps and school agendas to sign. Luckily I brought pre-signed bookmarks and was able to placate them with those. A surprising number of them had their own copies of Smudge for me to sign and the questions they asked during our small group time were very well thought out (especially, I could tell, the questions about how much money I’ve made so far! LOL! :P)

Today was the most energizing day I’ve had in a long time. And yeah, it totally does make up for yesterday.

  1. Claudia that sucks about your car. But it does demonstrate the yin and yang of the universe! Good on ya… SDM

  2. The car…not so good. But the speaking engagement – fabulous! What a great way to get you motivated and energized. Love that the kids wanted your autograph…ahhhh, to be a star.

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