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Torkidlit is Simply the Best!

In Uncategorized on March 4, 2010 at 10:34 am

I want to do a little promo for some local talent, today, if that’s okay with you.

I’m a part of a group of Toronto area writers who meet on a monthly basis purely for the enjoyment and encouragement of hanging out together. I really love my writer’s group. Many of them are published and soon-to-be published authors and I’d like to give you the chance to get to know them, too.

On a grand scale, you can check out this link. It leads to our Toronto Middle-Grade and Young Adult Authors Facebook page where you can familiarize yourself with the amazing authors who live right here, in the Toronto area. Some names may already be familiar to you and you’ll be like, “Hey! I didn’t know that author is from Toronto!” And other names may not be familiar to you, but I can assure you it’s worth it to find out who they are and what they’re writing. Toronto’s writing talent runs deep! And we’re just beginning to scratch the surface!

Most of the authors on the Facebook page are fully accessible via Facebook and Twitter and the published authors all have websites as well. On Twitter our hashtag is #torkidlit and you’re welcome to join the conversation!

Another link that is actually still under construction is the Torkidlit website. Debbie Ohi has courageously taken on this enormous task and is doing a fantastic job of it. Here, you will (eventually) be able to read about individual Toronto area authors, their work, and any events they may be involved in. You will also be able to link to author websites via as well.

When you’ve got some time, please do check out the links. I know I’m always excited to find a new local author and I love supporting local talent. If you’re looking for your next good read, Torkidlit author books are available through most bookstores and, of course, online. If you want a few recommendations you can visit The Novel Emporium, a brand new book review blog that supports and promotes Toronto area authors, along with many others.

I truly hope you find your next favorite book from right here in Toronto! Chances are, you will! :0)