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Perspective on Re-Solutions

In ruminating on January 1, 2014 at 4:01 pm


re – solutions

solutions I’m re-solving

because something didn’t work quite right the first time

or the second …

or third


what hasn’t worked quite right for me

that needs re-solving?


why do i feel the need to re-solve, anyway?

and why do i feel an instinct-like urge to act against that need, to become anti-re-solve?


to re-solve or not to re-solve


either way, i know something hasn’t worked quite right

the first time

or the second …

or third


and i know i’m not satisfied to let it remain the way it is

whatever it is.

something needs to change.


but how?


should the re-solving involve numbers?






or attitudes


mind sets




perhaps i need a new perspective.

perhaps i need to climb out of my self-made re-solution-shaped box and breathe in new air. the air of clearer vision to see …


i’ve been ill-focused on symptoms. symptoms cannot be re-solved. they are what they are. they are predetermined

by root causes



the numbers, images, people, places, and things i’ve been attempting to re-solve are symptoms.

symptoms of lost









and self-control


symptoms are un-re-solvable

are root causes solvable?


perhaps not completely.

perhaps not in this lifetime.

but they are re-solvable. and each desire to re-solve will not negate the last attempt and mock my previous efforts – neither will it urge me to act against that desire to instead become anti-re-solve.

on the contrary, love will build upon love. joy upon joy. peace upon peace. patience upon patience. kindness upon kindness. goodness upon goodness. faithfulness upon faithfulness. gentleness upon gentleness. and self-control upon self-control. so the beginning of each new year becomes a bridge for carrying on rather than a pressure-dam of a do-over.

and as a result, the previously focused-on numbers, images, people, places, and things can be let go and will be drawn into their proper space within the realm of priority and importance.



re – solutions

solutions I’m re-solving

by changing my perspective,

pulling the plug on the pressure-dam

and building a bridge in its place.