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Just For Fun

In Smudge's Mark, special moments, Yay on June 27, 2010 at 6:35 pm
Look what I just came across!

Smudge and Hunger Games!

You may not be able to read the text, but you call tell which books Smudge has been paired with! Sheesh. I’d be honored if even just ONE person thought to buy Smudge the same time they bought Hunger Games and Catching Fire. But “Frequently Bought Together”? Nice! 
However, knowing the games the gods of Amazon play, this is most likely my Treat of the Week and it’ll be gone by tomorrow. But it’s the little treats along the way that make the tough slogging more bearable, right?

Day two

In day two, final re-read, special moments, take a breather on April 16, 2009 at 9:01 am

On to day two of the final re-read. During times like this, the hours just seem to blur together and I get my bearings only once I’m completely finished… But today’s my deadline so I’ll be finding my footing by tonight sometime.

I was showing my husband the final cover and interior design of the book yesterday, but I covered over the dedication and acknowledgements because I want them to be a surprise. He laughed and said, “You’ve probably dedicated it to Neil Gaiman.”

Funny guy.

Anyway, I did happen to have a brief “clear-your-head” moment this morning when I took the dog outside to do his business. And I managed to shoo him away and capture my moment before he peed all over it. This is what my moment looked like:

We all need moments like this, don’t we?