Claudia Osmond ~ Reader, Writer, and Ruminator

Waiting to Be Known

In ruminating, writing on May 29, 2012 at 9:57 pm

Old photographs simply burst with story; to me, the backstory being the most intriguing, by far.

Who hasn’t looked at an old photograph and wondered:

who are these people?

what lead them to this place?

what are their dreams?

their fears?

their joys?

their sorrows?

their secrets?

what are they thinking?

what happened next?

what happened just before?

where did they come from?

where have they been?

where are they now?

An image offers only a single snapshot; one moment in time. Forever frozen. Forever fading. Forever far away.

The who, what, where of story. In a photograph. Secreted within a single frame. Waiting to be known.

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