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Oh, how I love thee, Google+, but …

In writing on July 10, 2011 at 1:56 pm

 So, is anyone getting anything done these days? I mean besides filling circles? 

“Another social media platform? Are you crazy?”

But I just can’t resist the allure of shiny things. I love glitter. I love sparkle. I love clean and fresh and bright. I also love a new challenge, learning new things, connecting and sharing with new people. Taking a break from the ordinary.

So is it any wonder I was drawn to Google’s new platform? It’s shiny. It’s clean and fresh. It’s all-of-the-above+.

The only problem is that – being one who has the attention span of, oh, say, a toddler – I’m having a really difficult time not being distracted by all that glitter; the flashing light on my BB, the sparkly red notification box on my tool bar. (I regretfully had to forever silence the tweetdeck chirp, not long ago, for the very same reason.)

Oh, how I love thee, Google+, but we’ll have to come to some kind of agreement if this is going to work out; if we don’t want our relationship to go the way of the twitter bird. Because as it stands now, it’s not looking good.

Unless, of course, there’s a button I haven’t discovered yet that exists for the sole purpose of suspending time. (Surely the geniuses at Google could whip one of those up, couldn’t they?) It would be really swell if deadlines, day jobs, and dinner times could temporarily dangle in limbo and resume only once the novelty wears off.

Perhaps I’ll use the handy feedback tab to pass that idea along.

(Ahem – Discipline)


Am I the only one who flinches at the sound, yea, the very thought, of that word? “Discipline” *twitch*. I mean, don’t we creative types need to be free? To go where the spirit takes us? To be unhindered by structure and restraint, the very things the word “discipline” (*twitch*) implies? Don’t those things thwart creativity?

And think of everything that can be gleaned by spending hours and hours and hours some time on these sites, with other creative types. There are tons and tons of resources and chats and posts and anecdotes and connections that can serve and feed our own creativity. Time spent online provides tools to make us better artists in our fields, gives us much needed validating pats on the back, empowers us to soldier on.


Indeed it does. But a tool is useless if all I’m going to do is hold it and contemplate its use. Validation is wasted if it doesn’t spur on the next step forward. Empowerment becomes impotence if not implemented. To see, to hear, to learn, to feel is not enough. I must apply. I must do.

And that takes discipline. Because I don’t want to look away from the shiny.

creativity + tools + validation + empowerment + discipline = epic win

So, dive into the glitter if you want. Go where the spirit takes you. Be free. Be unhindered. Read. Learn. Share. Connect. But don’t forget to be disciplined in that freedom and ingenuity. 

Remember this: Discipline is not the enemy of creativity. It is the catalyst.

  1. How you manage to keep writing things that make me go “That’s what I’m talking about!” after every graph is beyond me, but do keep writing, I love your blog.

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