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To Be, Or Not To Be: A sequel to SMUDGE’S MARK

In writing on January 3, 2011 at 11:27 am

To Be Or Not To Be. That is the question (at the start of every New Year).

Our goals, our dreams, our hopes, our resolutions. Will they be? Or will they not be?

The question, really, is how to make them be.

Now, a little meerkat has told me (via my website stats, emails, Facebook, etc …) that there are quite a few readers wondering if there is, or will be, a sequel to  SMUDGE’S MARK. There are, after all, questions that need answering. Plot gaps that need filling. Threads that need tying. Right?

A sequel to Smudge is definitely a goal, a dream, a hope, that I am actively trying to make be. So, to answer your questions:

Short answer (worth 2 marks): Yes.

Long answer (worth 10 marks): A sequel (currently titled GIL’S TATTOO) has been written and is sitting in a little yellow folder on my netbook, waiting for the green light. However, there have been a few unexpected hold-ups and barriers that have unfortunately fixed the light, for the time being, on a blinking red. But once things are sorted out I hope to have Gil polished, released from his little yellow folder, submitted, and processed for publication. Soon, I hope. Very soon. I’d like for 2011 to be kind to Gil.

In the meantime, via other little meerkats, I’ve discovered that SMUDGE’S MARK is due to be released in paperback in April 2011. I’ve signed many many copies of the paperback edition and I can tell you it looks and feels fantastic. There are paperbacks, and then there are paperbacks. This is a paperback. Not even sure whether I favor the hardcover or the paperback, it’s that nice.

So, if you haven’t read Smudge yet, here’s our most recent review from Word of Mouse Books to give you a little teaser … And though news on Gil is sitting rather in limbo at the moment, news of Smudge is that he’s still moving onward. He has been made to be.

Heaps of thanks to those of you who’ve supported Smudge in 2010 by reading, reviewing, sharing your copies, spreading the word.

And for asking for more.

  1. More, more, always wanting more!

    I hope 2011 is kind to Gil as well, your readers demand it!

    And congrats on the paperback of Smudge – hurrah!

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  3. Smudge’s Mark being released in paperback is great news! Congratulations. And best of luck with Gil – here’s hoping you and he both have a good year, OUT of the little yellow folder.

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