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Objectionable??! Try Illegal!

In Uncategorized on November 10, 2010 at 5:30 pm

UPDATE: 11 p.m. It looks like Amazon has finally taken the page down. The link is no longer working.

I’m sorry, I just can’t keep silent on this one. But I’m really fuming too much to really say a whole lot other than,

First, click here. (Warning: this is disturbing.)

When I saw that, I immediately sent Amazon an email demanding they remove this title from their site because it is downright despicable and is promoting ILLEGAL behavior.

Well, the kind people at Amazon were speedy with their reply. This is the response I got from Amazon just now: (I’ve copied and pasted directly from the email message they sent me)


As a retailer, our goal is to provide customers with the broadest selection possible so they can find, discover, and buy any item they  might be seeking. That selection includes some items which many people may find objectionable. Therefore, the items offered on our website represent a wide spectrum of opinions on a variety of topics.

Let me assure you that does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts; we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions. believes it is censorship not to sell certain titles because we believe their message is objectionable. Therefore, we’ll continue to make controversial works available in the United States and everywhere else, except where they’re prohibited by law. We also allow readers, authors, and publishers to express their views freely about these titles and other products we offer on our website. However, doesn’t endorse opinions expressed by individual authors, musical artists, or filmmakers. 

We value all feedback from our customers, and I thank you again for taking the time to send us your comments about this issue. Although we won’t be able to comment further on this topic, we hope you’ll allow us to continue to serve you.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. Did I solve your problem?

If yes, please click here:

If no, please click here:

Best regards,

Pravin M.
Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Seriously Amazon representative?? Objectionable?? You lump this under censorship?? Did you even take the time to check out what I was referring to?

This is the ULTIMATE Amazonfail!

Please, speak loudly and click on the “NO” above to help me tell Amazon that no, they did not solve this problem. That pedophilia is not only objectionable, but illegal and that by leaving this on their site they are supporting and promoting criminal acts. How much more illegal does something have to be before they’ll disallow it on their site??

Please, repost this, re-tweet this, speak loudly, and tell Amazon that this is completely unacceptable.

  1. Thanks for bringing my attention on this Claudia. I’ve tweeted it and sent it to my tweeps. DISGUSTING!


  2. Um… Wow. Is the e-book in question serious? If so, then that is truly, truly horrendous. And I’m pretty sure that if this came to the attention of U.S. law enforcement (and Canadian law enforcement) Amazon would be forced to pull it.

    Going to go through my contacts to see who I know in law enforcement now…

  3. I’ve included this in my weekly news roundup with a link to your blog. thanks so much for sharing!

    -Linds, bibliophile brouhaha

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