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Can there be a better launch day than 10/10/10?

In writing on October 11, 2010 at 10:59 am

Yesterday was the most awesome launch date of the brand new Chinese Whisperings Anthology: The Yin and Yang Books. I’ve written a story, “The Other Side of Limbo” that’s been included in the Yin Book.

Chinese Whisperings was founded in 2009 by authors Jodi Cleghorn of Brisbane, Australia and Paul Anderson of London, UK. It’s a collaborative project that takes on a different twist each time a new book idea is conceived.

Here’s a little run-down of the low-down concerning the logistics of the most recent project, The Yin and Yang Books:

This time round, 10 female authors wrote the content for the Yin book and 10 male authors wrote the content for the Yang book. The authors were chosen from cultures spanning the globe: Australia, England, Canada, US, Germany, France. Each book launched from a common premise (written by author/editor Jodi Cleghorn) and the authors were scheduled to write their individual story within a two-week time frame, one following another. Each author was given the liberty to choose a character from any preceding story to become the MC of their story. After the months of collective writing time and the completion of the editing of each individual story, author/editor team Jodi and Paul  combed all the stories for inconsistencies and miraculously tied them together in a way which I’ll never, ever comprehend. As far as I’m concerned, they must have truly brilliant minds to be able to accomplish a feat like that. The characters, story lines, and individual themes were, as is to be expected, all as diverse as the group of authors who had written them.  Then, author/editor Paul Anderson wrapped it all up in a fine epilogue. You can read all about the books, author bios and reflections, and last year’s project The Red Book at the Chinese Whisperings website.

I was thrilled to be invited to write for this 2010 work. Please check it out. The e-book is available for purchase now via the website and the paperback will be available December 2010.

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  2. Thanks for the blog post Claudia. I don’t know how we did it either, but I am certain the skill and foresight of the writers helped a lot. There was only minor retro-fitting of narrative at the end, and a few small tweaks here and there.

    I do have to admit- I am very glad to have divested myself of upwards of 100 characters, and all their individual characters arcs. It was getting rather croweded in my head. Very soon it will be time for me to say good-bye all together to editing for a few months and enjoy writing again.

    Thanks for all you efforts and your wonderful story. I get something more from it every time. I was wondering if you’d had personal experience with what Ms Mildred is suffering from (trying not to give away any spoilers). Randall is actually applying cutting edge philosophy in his interactions with Ms Mildred and I found it fascinating.

    • Thanks for your kind comments, Jodi! No, I don’t have personal experience dealing with what Ms Mildred’s dealt with. However I’ve heard many stories of people who have and I’ve possibly internalized them to the point that when I first saw Mildred in Emma’s story, she called out to me as a person who needed to be seen and understood and cared about. Too often, I think, we overlook these folk and simply pass them by. It’s sad.

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