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Readers and Authors: What’s Your Opinion?

In a peek inside my head, It's all perspective on September 29, 2010 at 10:01 am

Seems I’m not the only one talking about readers promoting authors and authors promoting other authors. Apparently there is much buzz about it in the blogosphere.

So, further to my previous “The Four Letter Word” post over there —> I came across a like-minded post here by author Mindy Klasky.

What’s your opinion? Readers, is it appropriate for authors to ask you to help promote them? If yes, how should it best be done? If no, why not?

And, authors, do you think you should help promote other authors? If you think yes, why? If you think no, why not?

  1. I have to admit, I feel a bit uncomfortable being part of a formal blog tour group. Dislike having to do reviews, interviews, etc. I like to publicize my own stuff and stuff by writer friends in a more casual way. e.g. by posting a tweet or FB status when a friend’s book comes out. (I’ve long since stopped blogging–there are too many freaking author blogs out there, and most authors–such as yourself–are much better at blogging than I am! I’d rather just regularly update my web and Twitter/FB sites!)

    • I enjoy doing facebook and twitter author plugs, too, Bev. They’re fun, especially when you see they’ve gotten re-tweeted/re-posted. Then you know the word is reaching lots of people.

      I hear you on the blogging thing – so many people are doing it, and doing it better than I ever could! I’ve heard other authors say the same thing. It’s funny how we often feel like we’ve got nothing to say or nothing to contribute outside of our work. I wonder why that is? I also find the same to be true of public speaking: being myself is so much more intimidating than being in character. (secret: I have some acting experience, so when I do public events, like, when I have to be me, I pretend I’m in character! I act like I’m the author who wrote the book! In a strange way, it helps! ;))

      Thanks for all you do, Bev, to help promote your fellow authors!

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