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Our Decision to Not Charge the Kids Rent.

In excitement of life, torkidlit on August 5, 2010 at 1:50 pm

Perhaps I’ll share a little glimpse into what’s been happening this month since I’m on hiatus from the Toronto Tuesdays interviews…

We bought a house in downtown Toronto. It appears to have been a rooming house at some point in its existence and, although we’d love to gain a bit of extra income by charging our kids rooming rent, we’ve decided instead to open it up by doing some major renos so it’s a comfortable livable space for five people and two dogs.

The majority of the work is to be done on the main floor and then some on the second floor, since there’s currently a fully functioning kitchen in what will be our bedroom. I do love late-night snacking and all, but a trip down the stairs to the fridge and microwave hasn’t been a problem in the past so… I do believe it’s safe to let the second kitchen go. I may have regrets later.

Anyway, being lovers of an open concept home, so far we’ve gone from this on the main floor…

To this.

The entryway has gone from this…

To this…

To this which, as you can see, has opened up the entire main floor and entry way. The kitchen area is in the back.

The house is approximately 90 years old, and so many interesting things have been found in the walls and under the floorboards: European coins, hair roller pins, hot wheels, 40-year-old newspapers, and Barbie doll torsos to name a few. We’re still looking for the old land deed and map that can point us to the hidden bag of gold.

I’ll give an early heads-up for all you #torkidlit tweeps: you can count on the Dec. tweetup being here! I promise you won’t have to wear face masks, hard hats, and steel-toe boots. There will be real furniture to sit on, too. And if we find that bag of gold, I’ll book a live band, provide swag bags, and cater in an all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet. If not, well, come and we’ll have fun anyway. We always do.

  1. Wow… a lot of work but the place will be GORGEOUS when it’s done. Congrats!

  2. We went through something like this when we first bought our house (also over 90 years old!). Husband knocked out all the little nooks in the kitchen AND the wall between the living room & kitchen, then built in a big table between the two rooms. SO much nicer.

    If he’d known you guys were up to this, he’d have headed north with is crowbar and sledgehammer–he always says destruction is the fun part of construction!

    • It sure is the fun part! Now it’s on to the electrical re-wiring and re-building. Moving day is in a week and the place doesn’t look much better than these pics! Eek!

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