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Lesson from a Lamp

In a peek inside my head on May 24, 2010 at 12:52 pm

We had a yard sale yesterday and as usual there are a few bigger type items that didn’t sell. Tomorrow is “throw anything out” day so we left those items on our curb, hoping someone would come and take them before tomorrow. A few of the things have disappeared. We’ve still got a red chair, a futon mattress, and a paper Ikea lamp sitting there. The item that’s gotten the most attention so far is the lamp. People slow down when they drive by, checking it out, but most don’t stop. Except for one lady. She jumped out of the passenger door almost before the driver stopped. She grabbed the lamp while the driver did a u-ie and was half-way across the street before she stopped in her tracks and promptly returned the lamp to the curb. Why so much interest but no takers? It works. There are even two bulbs in it.

Well, for one, the paper’s torn in a few places. And for two, there are a couple of stains on it as well. And people don’t see those things until they’re right up close. But from a distance the lamp looks great.

And really, it’s still a perfectly fine lamp underneath all the… ugly stuff. 

That got me to thinking: when do I do that? I mean, how many times do I rush towards something (or someone, for that matter) because from a distance it looks so appealing, so great? Most times it isn’t until that thing is in my hands and I’m half-way across the street that I realize it isn’t what I’d thought it would be. If it has to do with a “something” then it’s easy enough to pitch it back to the curb, right?

But what if it’s a “someone”? What do I do with that? Do I keep that person in my life even though they didn’t turn out to be what I thought they’d be? They looked good from a distance but they’ve turned out to be so obnoxious. Or embarrasing. Or self-centred. Or draining. Or… whatever. They’re just not what I thought they’d be.

Very coincidentally, the dogs have just gone crazy barking… So I just looked out the window. A girl just picked up my lamp – and put it in her car! She took it: rips and stains and all.

She must have seen that it was still a perfectly good lamp underneath all the ugly stuff.

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