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Into the Wilds of the World

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2010 at 11:03 am

What a great day yesterday was! SMUDGE is now in the wilds of the world.

You know, when SMUDGE was released into Canada it was a bittersweet moment: kind of like seeing your first child off to kindergarten. So proud that you’ve worked so hard to help prepare them to be launched into the real world, yet deep down you wish you could hold onto them for just a little while longer.

This time around, however, the release feels more like seeing an adolescent, who’s been living in their parents’ basement playing video games for the last 10 years, decide they’re going to college. Yes! Finally!!

Whew! Raising a book is hard work! It certainly isn’t a predictable industry nor is it an easy job, but along the way there are rewards and little boosts that help keep you going. And sometimes you just have to give yourself that little boost!

Which is what I did by holding two book giveaways: one on Goodreads and one on this blog/Facebook. I love giving stuff away! On Goodreads, 3 winners were randomly chosen out of 781 entries. And here, because I had such a hard time picking the winners, I did a totally random “shout out a number” draw via Twitter and came up with my winners that way. And wouldn’t you know it, the same person won twice! She won a copy here AND on Goodreads! Out of 781 people! What are the chances of that happening?? She must have been born (or conceived) in a patch of four-leaf clovers!

So, off to the post office I go, books in hand. And just like paying tuition for the kid who’s moving out of the basement, now that the moment has finally arrived, I think I’ll just close my eyes and hand over my bank card.

  1. I know! Actually I used to find four leaf clovers in the same old log along our driveway for years! So I guess.. maybe.. I am lucky. :-DI really truly cannot wait to read your book!

  2. See! I knew it! :0)Hope you enjoy your time with Smudge when he finally arrives.

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