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Spending some time in the real world

In deadlines, non-fiction writing, spending some time in the real world, time crunches on April 7, 2009 at 8:59 am

I’m about to dig in and write. Yes, really write. All those other days I said I was going to write – I lied. I never did. (shame)

The reason I say I’m going to write today with such confidence is that I’ve been offered a writing gig by a friend of mine. It’s a non-fiction piece so it’s a bit (okay, more than a bit) of a stretch for me. My husband joked, “Ah, so you can’t make it up this time!” (very funny…)

But I have a deadline! Yay! And it’s a short one – this Friday. I thrive on time crunches!

So, off I go… into the world of reality.


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