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Cadbury goes traffik-free

In Cadbury, chocolate, coffee, fair trade, Just Us, People and the Planet before Profits on March 8, 2009 at 6:48 pm

Once upon a time, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk was my favorite chocolate bar.

That was before I knew about children being exploited on cocoa farms by these big corporations so they can make huge profits. Since then, we’ve bought fairly traded chocolate whenever possible. That goes for coffee and tea, too, in our house.

But, it certainly doesn’t stop there. Check the labels on your clothes for the country of origin. If it wasn’t made in the U.S., Canada, or Europe, chances are the person who made it got barely a fraction of a percentage of the price you paid for it. Unfortunately, finding fairly traded clothing in our consumer-obssessed culture is not an easy thing to do. And if you do find it, it’s most likely not going to be cheap. But keep in mind: every purchase makes a difference – to someone. Be it good or bad.

Just Us, a Canadian fair trade coffee, chocolate, and sugar company that we regularly buy from, has a great motto – “People and the Planet before Profits”. And now, Cadbury is catching on. Read this from an email I just got.

Now I’ll gladly buy my beloved Dairy Milk again. It’ll be sooooo good with a steaming cup of Just Us French Roast.


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